Dublin Business School

Dublin Business School

Dublin Business School was established in 1975.It is the largest independent third level college in Ireland, offering a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and professional degree with over 9000 students. DBS specializes in the provision of career focused business and law education as well as the delivery of contemporary programmes in the areas of arts, Media, social science, Humanities and psychology.

Intake: January


Undergraduate Courses  
1. Accounting and Finance

2. Arts

3.Business and Management

4.Counseling and Psychotherapy

5.Professional Accountancy

6. Information Technology

7. Law

8. Marketing and Event Management

9. Media and Journalism

10.Psychology and Social Science



English Language/Foundation Courses Duration
Pre-Undergraduate Programme I Term
Pre-Masters programme 1 term
Certificate in Business& Language I Academic Year
Professional Programmes  
ACCA(Professional stage only-3)  
Higher Certificates- Level 6  
Higher certificates in arts 2 Academic years
Other certificates programmes  
Ordinary Degree Programmes –Level7  
All degree Programmes 3 Academic years
Honors Bachelor Degrees -Level8  
All degree programmes 3 or 4 Academic years
Higher Diplomas-Level 8  
All Higher diplomas 1 or 2 Academic years
Master’s Programme- Level 9  
All Masters Programmes 1 or 2 Academic years