Bath Spa University

Bath Spa University

Bath Spa University mainly focuses on humanities and arts subjects. This university has various campuses around the city, with the main campus located in Newton Park. Besides, the institution has more than 7, 500 students from 40 different countries. Notably, the student satisfaction ratings of this organization are currently 81% in all subjects and teaching is ranked 90% positive. The institution has been previously considered one of the best performing institutions in the U.K. according to the National Student Survey (NSS) alongside other elite institutions such as The University of Manchester and Loughborough University. This institution offers students with a variety of career choices and employment opportunities, as they have industry partnerships and a wide range of development opportunities.

General overview of programs offered and faculties at Bath Spa University

This institution has four major faculties, which entail Bath Business School, Bath school of Art and Design, College of Liberal Arts, and Institute of Education. Bath School of business is business oriented enabling students to becoming future business leaders and entrepreneurs. The Bath School of Art and Design provides exceptional technical and academic support to students to help them gain the right skills to create successful creative outputs. Moreover, the College of Liberal Arts entails a broad range of subjects such as Biology, Geography, English Literature, and Commercial Music. Lastly, the Institute for Education provides high quality teaching skills to enable them to become outstanding education professionals.

Notable Achievements and Trivia

Bath Spa University’s vision is to become the leading institution in culture, creativity, and enterprise by ensuring that students in this organization are socially engaged and they are global citizens. This institution is considered one of the best institutions globally. It is ranked as the 94th institution in the Times University Guide, which was published in 2018 (Bath Spa University). Consequently, Bath Spa university was ranked 90th in the League table, and 58th in The Times University guide 2016. Moreover, 94% of graduates in this institution work or engage in further education within the first year of their graduation.