What is a foundation course and why you should take one

Attending university is a huge step to everyone. However, in certain situations people may be undecided about going to university and what they would do in university. Therefore, a foundation year is taken as a stepping stone in the world of higher learning education, mostly for people who do not necessarily have the desired qualification […]


Top 5 universities to study Engineering in the UK

Globally, the United Kingdom is known to be an academic powerhouse. It boasts of some the top performing schools and research institutes in Europe. Notably, its schools are known for performance in specified domains such as engineering among others. If you are looking to pursue a degree in any field in engineering, look no further […]


Learn more about the University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida is an American public state university in Orlando, Florida. It is known to be the largest institution in terms of enrollment in Florida and ranks second largest among U.S colleges and Universities. The institution was founded in 1963 by the Florida legislature and later opened in 1968 as the Florida […]