Coventry University

Coventry University

Coventry University College was established on campus in 2012 and is an offshoot of Coventry University, providing part-time professional courses such as accounting, legal studies and marketing. In addition, the college recently began offering undergraduate BA degrees that can be completed entirely online. The college is independent from the university with its own staff and facilities, though its programmes are validated and awarded by the university. Because the courses offered are part-time, tuition fees at the college are set at a maximum of £4,800, compared to the maximum £9,000 universities in the UK can charge for full-time courses. The part-time nature of the courses delivered means classes can run at atypical times, such as early mornings, evenings and weekends. Although working within the Coventry University campus, students of the college do not have access to some of the university’s resources, such as the sporting facilities.

Coventry offers more than 130 undergraduate degrees and 100 postgraduate degrees over its four faculties, as well as qualifications such as foundation degrees and Higher National Diplomas (HNDs). It has introduced the teaching of disaster management at undergraduate level (the first such course in the UK) as well as parapsychology and health journalism at the postgraduate level.

The university’s student body in 2014/15 consisted of 27,600 students: 21,525 undergraduates and 6,075 postgraduates. Part-time students in 2013-14 made up 15% of undergraduates and 39% of postgraduates. The drop-out rate for first year undergraduates is 8.9% and the undergraduate intake from state schools is 97%.The university employs over 1,800 academic staff and is the fourth largest employer in Coventry.

Tuition fees for undergraduate students at the university are vary depending on the degree programme, following the United Kingdom government’s decision in 2010 to raise the maximum limit universities can charge UK and EU students. The university cited the variable fee structure in explaining the rise in applications received for 2012 compared to the previous year, despite an overall national fall.

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