Five places to study a nursing degree in the USA for an international student

Five places to study a nursing degree in the USA for an international student

Have you ever wanted to study nursing? Are you want to fulfill a lifelong educational dream? Do you yearn or personal and professional growth? Whatever your personal goals might be, thousands of international student choosing the United States as their favorite study destination choice. Well, if you have ever wondered where to get the best nursing degree in the United States, here are the top five options to consider.

1.      University of Illinois, Chicago

Often ranked among the top ten universities in the United States, the University of Illinois has one of the best nursing programs according to the global network of WHO collaborating centers (WHOCCS).

The university has a significantly larger international student population at 9.3 percent. Studying here will give you a chance to learn from award-winning professors and clinicians. The school has invested immensely in clinical research and students get

hands-on skills that improve their practice in the local and global communities.


2.      University of Alabama

One of the most diverse higher learning institution in the united states in terms of culture, academics, and economics. The university also has the best student life in entire Birmingham. The international students represent almost 5 percent of the total student population. it is also easy to gain entry into Alabama university because it takes up students from over 90 countries worldwide. The nursing department offers research opportunities unseen in any other institution. The university is also suitable for those who have a passion for sports.

3.      University of Washington

Who would not like to be trained as a nurse in the strongest capital in the world? Washington University is ranked 10 globally by the U.S. News & World Report. This means that you will get to work with some of the most innovative minds in the clinical sector.

The university offers state of the art learning facilities for nursing students in the south campus. Besides the world-class education, the students will get to enjoy the capital city’s tourist attractions such as the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and even the White House. Finally, it is very easy for international students to gain entry into the university because they represent 14.3 percent of the total student population.

4.      The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

This is one of the most renowned research university in the United States. It is also one of the dream university for those people who want to live and study in the west coast of USA. The university ranks 17th globally in terms of academics as per the times higher education world university rankings.

Studying nursing in the university will give you a chance to learn from world-class professors in state of the art facilities. The nursing faculty includes Nobel laureates, Pulitzer winners, and multiple MacArthur fellows. In terms of nursing research, the university recently received a 1.7 million grant to elevate its practice at the Hong Kong sanatorium hospital.

5.      Auburn University

The school ranks second in Alabama in terms of international student population. About 7.9 percent of the student body is international. Besides that, the university has the most diverse nursing degree in the whole of Alabama.

The students are offered state of the art research facilities dedicated to sciences and arts. The school of nursing uses the traditional nursing curriculum but yet gives the students hands-on skills to enable them to fit into the modern nursing field. Student life is awesome and it will be more enjoyable for those who love sports and other cultural activities.

With all these options, you can never go wrong with a nursing career in the United States.