Five places to study an MBA degree in the USA for an international student

Five places to study an MBA degree in the USA for an international student

The United States is known as the birthplace of the MBA program. Perhaps that is why international MBA students flock into the united states each year to sharpen their business knowledge. The United States is home to some of the world’s top business schools and even though the tuition fee might be higher, this does not seem to deter prospective MBA students from around the world from choosing the country as the top study destination. Well, if you have ever considered studying MBA in the United States, here our top five picks:

1.      University of Illinois, Chicago

The Booth School of Business at Chicago University is ranked 1st among best business schools. The school offers several chances to international students who want to study MBA. About 7.8 percent of the total enrollment represents international students.

The tuition fee for full-time students is $69,200 per year which is relatively low, compared to other public institutions in the United States. the school has invested in learning facilities to give the student an unforgettable classroom experience. The average base salary for graduates is $129, 442 and 88 percent of graduates are employed at graduation.

2.      University of Pennsylvania

The Wharton School of Business at Pennsylvania University was the first ever business school in the United States and thus has the largest alumni network in the country. The school is one of the most equipped in terms of business research with 25 research centers on campus and have close to 150 organizations they partner with. The school has consistently been ranked 3rd in best business schools worldwide. The school’s teaching program incorporates outdoor trips to assist students in making critical decisions by applying leadership skills in real life situation.

3.      University of Massachusetts

The Sloan School of Management at Massachusetts University is ranked 5th best business school. The school’s MBA program is also ranked 10th in North America. The school admits students from over 40 countries and has partners with more than 120 organizations. The average base salary for the graduates is $128,301. In addition, 84.2 percent of the full-time graduates are employed at graduation. The MBA program also allows students to join intramural teams to compete with other MBA students throughout the country, the course offers students hands-on skills to tackle real problems in existing companies in the United States, China,and India.

4.      University of South Florida

University of South Florida’s School of Business is amongst the best in Florida. The school has invested in facilities that will allow the students to expose themselves to a pool of opportunities that will shape students’ lives forever. The MBA program is accredited by AACSB International.

The school focuses on interdisciplinary research and scholarships to enhance the quality of life of people and communities. The school has award-winning faculty that strives to provide hands-on skills to students who will become future leaders in the business world. The school has a special interest for international students as they represent 12.3 percent of the overall student body.

5.      University of Washington

Ranked 22nd in Best Business Schools, the Michael G. Foster school of business at Washington University offers work compatible options for technology professionals interested in taking business management careers. The school is widely preferred by international students because of its location in Seattle, the home to global firms such as Amazon, Starbucks, and Microsoft Corp.

The best thing about the MBA program is the collaborative learning fixture where students learn team dynamics through study teams or guided climbs of mount rainier. In addition, 85.2 percent of full-time graduates are employed at graduation.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and enhance your MBA skills in the magical Land of the North and reap the benefits.