Five places to study business and economics degrees in Canada

Five places to study business and economics degrees in Canada

Having a degree in business might be the easiest avenue towards a responsible lifestyle as individuals get to learn how to make sound financial decisions and ultimately become better at predicting the future. Cool, right?

If you have ever considered taking a business degree, then you might have come across a suggestion that Canada is the best study destination. Well, hang on as we put together a list of the top five places to study business and economics degrees in Canada for an international student.

1.      Western University

One of the leading research-intensive universities in Canada. The university is ranked 8th overall nationally. The business and economics department ranks 94th worldwide.

The university might have fewer business-related programs but the degrees are offered in a 2+2 format which means students can pursue subjects that interest them in the first half of the program and then focus on business the remaining time. The school has partnerships with 40 different universities from 4 continents, up to 25% of the students are chosen for exchange programs. About 15% of the student population are international.

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2.      Laurier University

Laurier University ranks 33rd overall in Canada. The school’s business department is among the best in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

The school has an elaborate business teaching program that is inclusive of all. The entry requirements are comparatively easier for an international student. The international students’ population represents 6.8 percent of the whole student body. The faculty is dedicated to a lifelong learning program that allows graduates to fit into the market easily. The university has a culturally diverse student body and staff to make sure the international student undergoes no problems fitting in.

3.      University of Waterloo

This is one of the most sought university in Canada by international students. It ranks 2nd in educational reputation according to Maclean’s magazine.

Even though the university does not identify as an official business school, it has business-related courses that allow students to take a degree with a business focus. The university has the only science and business program that gives you an opportunity to blend business knowledge with a scientific outlook. The school has business-oriented coop opportunities that are plentiful in the local neighborhood and abroad. This gives the students the flexibility to juggle between study terms and paid work time. In addition, students are given valuable experience in fortune 500 companies, startups, and other organizations.

4.      Douglass College

Douglass College is one of the most reputable higher learning institutions in British Columbia. The school arguably has the lowest entry restrictions for international students. Each year, more than 300 international students from over 90 countries are selected to take credit courses in the college.

The school has state of the art facilities to ensure the student gets an unforgettable classroom and residence experience. The school also has the most advanced sports curriculum that enables students to nurture their talents in the class and in the tracks and fields.

5.      Thompson Rivers University

Known as the lushest school in the whole of Canada, Thompson Rivers University is helping a lot of students to pick a career in business.

The biggest advantage of the university is its form of learning. The university embraces open learning which is a form of teaching whereby students are given open, accessible, and flexible learning opportunities to improve problem-solving skills. In addition, the school is considered the benchmark of open learning in British Columbia and Canada at large.

Getting a business degree from the above universities is a good way to launch a lucrative carer that guarantees success in the future.