How can I get a student Visa to Canada?

How can I get a student Visa to Canada?

Canada, or the “True North”, as it is commonly referred to, is the hub for the top universities in the world. Universities based in Canada are preferred by more than 130,000 international students each year. The popularity of these Canadian institutions is due to their high quality of teaching systems and international collaborations. However, if you want to pursue your study in Canada, you will need a student visa. The process of obtaining student visas can be a daunting process for most international students. How difficult is it to get a student visa for Canada? Here are the steps that would need to follow to obtain a Canadian student visa.

Step 1: Decide on a university to apply to and get an acceptance letter

Of course, you must receive an offer of admittance in a Canadian university to be eligible to apply for a student visa. The best thing is that Canada has some of the top universities in the world and choosing will not be a hard task.

Step 2:  Check if you need a student visa

There are exceptions as to who needs a student visa to study in Canada. For instance, if you are a family or staff member of a foreign representative in Canada, you can study in that country without a visa. Programs that last less than six months do not need visas. Despite the exceptions, you will still need an electronic authorization to fly to Canada.

Step 3: Apply for the Canadian student visa

As soon as you get accepted to a university in Canada, you can start your application process online. Applications are done on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website. Fortunately, there are several legal professionals in Vancouver and Toronto such as My Visa who specialize in helping foreign students to obtains student visas. The only requirements are the letter of acceptance, financial proof, clinical records, and a good conduct clearance form. Other requirements include a valid passport/travel document which is not necessary if you stay in the united states, two recent passport-sized photos, a letter of explanation and proof that you paid the study permit fee. The cost of a study permit fee is 150 Canadian dollars.

Step 4: Language requirements

The main languages in Canada are English and French. However, French is a minority as English is used in a larger geographical setting. Therefore, unless you come from an English speaking country, Canadian universities will require you to submit proof of English language proficiency. However, proof of English proficiency is not among the required documents for a Canadian student visa. Accepted English language tests are IELTS, Cambridge English: advanced, and TOEFL.

Step 5: Biometrics appointment and interview

Depending on the requirements for your country, one might be required to show up at a visa application center to have his or her biometrics taken. Most often the biometrics fee is about 85 Canadian dollars. Some students will even have to undergo a short interview to verify their intentions of studying at a Canadian university. However, some countries are exempt from this rule and it is not necessary to visit an application center at all.

With these simple steps, one can find the chance to be educated in one of the most robust education learning systems in the world.