How to study in the UK through UCAS

How to study in the UK through UCAS

Studying in the United Kingdom is a dream for many international students. With a whole host of higher learning institutions that constantly feature among the top 100 universities in the world, choosing to study in the United Kingdom is not only a great opportunity to acquire world-class education but also a way to take your English knowledge to the next level.

For most international students yearning to acquire an education in the UK, the biggest question is “how hard is the application process?”. Well, we can assure you that the process of getting to the UK to study is as easy as a pie depending on your preparedness.

The UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) is the central organization that manages all entries to the United Kingdom’s higher learning institutions. Therefore, knowing the primary operations of the UCAS is the first step to help you study in the UK. The application might seem daunting, and to help you out, we have outlines the key steps that your Uniserv counsellor will guide you through.

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How it works

Are you a student or parent looking for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree? Uniserv is a world renown study agent representing over 300 universities from all over the world and we will help you land in your dream university. Our staff will help you choose the right course and university and guide you through the process of applying to the university to the Visa application process of your destination countries. What is more? Our services are absolutely free of charge.

Before applying for any course at a UK university, it is imperative to know the prior requirements, this is information that your counsellor at Uniserv will be able to help you with:

·         Course choices

Of course, it is illogical to think of studying abroad before knowing the specific courses of interest. One has the chance to choose five courses on the UCAS application. Here, you have two options i.e. you can apply for five courses in one university or one course in five different institutions. However, some institutions have a few exceptions- again, it’s best to consult an expert counsellor to make sure you’re fully informed.

·         Research

For any student planning to study in the United Kingdom, research is crucial to avoid any unnecessary hitches. Speaking with counsellor at Uniserv will give you the available options, and allow you to choose what fits your taste.  We recommend you start your research as early as possible so you have plenty of time making your final decision, its ever too early to come and isit us at Uniserv!

·         Explore

Applying for higher education is an impactful decision, we recommend that candidates conduct research on the requirements for their career paths to make sure that the undertaking is worthwhile. There is no reason to take a fancy course if the chances of getting employment in the future are low. We understand that there is a lot to consider in this regard, which is why we recommend that you speak with a counsellor who can outline what you should be considering when you decide to apply for higher education, it’s easier to explore when you know what to watch out for!

·         Decide

After you have done the necessary research, it is time to narrow your scope and make the final decision. It may be worthwhile chosing courses that offer a placement year with an employer in the industry to give you a headstart when you complete your studies. This is a decision you have to make on your own, take into account the advice of your counsellor, remember- they have worked with thousands of students- their advice is invaluable, but ultimately you must be happy and confident in your own decision.


Most universities in the UK have specific requirements for candidates. Some of the requirements include language proficiency and financial proof. However, some universities have different requirements and we recommend that you discuss this with your Uniserv counsellor, remember that we have a licensed test center and so this process is usually very easy when you are working with us.

After meeting all the above requirements, it is now time for the real application. Your counsellor will guide you through this and submit your application online. Interested in what’s included in the application? We have summarized the six key sections to your application below:

Personal details

You have to know that no stranger will be allowed into the United Kingdom. Therefore, you will have to provide your basic contact details, all necessary for application and correspondence. This is a vital requirement because the universities must know whoever is applying before granting entry.

Educational qualifications

This is the part where you have to submit all of your current and forthcoming qualifications that you have gained through school and other courses. This is important because most universities have minimum entry points for the courses and you must prove you are worthy of the chance.

Course choices

Here, you will have to submit the five courses that you have decided to apply to. Do not worry of any preferential order as only you and UCAS can only see this.


For those candidates who have prior work experience, you should enter your previous employment details and particularly anything related to the courses for which you are applying.

Personal statement

Most universities will require you to write a personal statement. This is a statement that allows you to convince the admission board of the institutions you are applying regarding why you deserve a chance. Your Uniserv counsellor will help you to write this- we know what needs to be included here! Prior to application, we will help you write your personal statement and keep editing until we are both satisfied that it showcases your attributes and achievements!


This is a letter that recommends you from an academic perspective. This is written by your former teachers, career advisor, or a tutor. Your counsellor will advise that you prepare this early as it can stand between you and your golden chance to study in the UK.

Finally, as with any application process, it is important to note the key application dates to avoid missing any deadlines. Your counsellor will advise you of the deadlines and make sure that you have enough time to research, complete, and submit your application.

The process isn’t difficult if you know the ropes, and that’s why Uniserv is here- to guide you through and make sure you’re not overlooking anything important!

If you’re ready to take the first step, head over to the registeration page to get in touch with a counsellor. Remember- all our services are free!