My three year experience studying history at the University of Portsmouth

My three year experience studying history at the University of Portsmouth

I’m currently studying History as a final year student at the University of Portsmouth and I have learnt a lot over the past 3 years!

Each year I have lived in a different environment and I have learnt so much. In my first year, like most students, I lived in student accommodation. Moving into a flat with 5 other strangers is beyond daunting however I am glad I had the opportunity to experience it. I made many friends that I still see today and we have many memories together which I know I’ll remember forever. For example; locking ourselves out (Tip: NEVER leave your room without your key, maybe leave a little note on your door to prevent getting locked out and having to wait almost an hour to be let back in!) and having to learn how to look after ourselves without our parents doing our washing and cooking for us, the cooking in particular was a very interesting journey for me personally.

My second and third year accommodation has been in private housing which was a completely new experience. There’s far more maintenance for example paying monthly bills which is a very useful experience for when I move out of my family home later in life.

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If you’re currently contemplating going to university I would absolutely recommend it! They have been the most educational years, in and outside the lecture halls and seminar rooms.