Pursue a degree in Economics at the University of South Florida

Pursue a degree in Economics at the University of South Florida

The university is one of the best universities in the southern region of the United States. The university was founded in 1956 in Tampa, Florida, and it is the fourth largest in the state with an enrollment of more than 48,000 students. The university is ranked 58th among top public schools and 124th in national universities according to the 2019 U.S. News & World Report. However, what is the University of South Florida best known for?

If you are looking to study at the University of South Florida, you should consider taking an undergraduate course in economics. This is because the school college of arts and sciences is the largest in the university. The college of arts and science comprises of a community of teachers and scholars united in the belief that broadly educated individuals are the basis of a just, free, and prosperous society. Therefore, getting a chance to acquire an education in this noble department will open your life to a pool of opportunities that will shape your life forever.

The school is dedicated to a curriculum that is focused on the big questions facing all humanity to prepare students for successful personal and professional lives. Students are consistently engaged in interdisciplinary research and scholarship that enhance their quality of life for people and communities. At USF, the community is the ultimate beneficiary of the skills given to the students.

So why study economics?

Economics is a science that deals with the basic procedures of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods. All these activities are what sustain life from the basic level. Therefore, economics offers you a clear and logical way of thinking to solve the complex issues facing society such as unemployment and inflation to always put you a step ahead of everyone.

Studying economics at the University of South Florida will allow you to engage with one of the most dedicated and vibrant faculties in the institution. I think it is right to say that the faculty here mean business. The school has a permanent faculty staff of more than 200 all of whom have professional degrees. The institution also offers state of the art facilities to give the student a classroom experience that is unmatched. The faculty has forged good interpersonal relationships with students over the years to ensure they offer personalized assistance to all students regardless of race or social background.

Studying economics at USF will also give you a chance to participate in research and innovation. Over the years, several alumni have produced several publications on some of the most sensitive topics in society such as federal tax law, poverty, free trade, and land use controls. The research team at the school is always looking to inspire students to create critical thinking and leadership skills to enable them to become problem solvers in the future.

Getting a chance at the USF is a good way to widen your cultural perspectives. The school has a diverse cultural setting with students from all over the world. This is especially good for the international student because you will feel at home the moment you step into the school.

Some of the most notable alumni from the department of economics include William L. Ball, CEO, Tindale-Oliver & associates, Alison Jimenez, president and CEO, Dynamics Securities Analytics, and Bob McKee, chief economics- Florida department of revenue (FDOR).

So what are you waiting for? Welcome to USF College of Arts and Sciences and get your economics career to propel yourself to success.

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