Requirements for an international student looking to study in America

Requirements for an international student looking to study in America

The United States has the largest international student population in the world. It currently stands at more than 1,000,000 students from various states. However, for an international student, the biggest worry is the processes you will need to understand and navigate when applying to study in America. Well, here is a breakdown of the A to Z of the requirements to study in the United States.

The first rule for any international student is to learn English. As you know, English is the staple language in America. Most of the American universities require international students to take English tests. The tests can be taken as a second language test. Examples of such tests include the test of English as a foreign language (TOEFL) or international language testing system (IELTS).

Besides the English test, American universities require students to take a scholastic aptitude test (SAT) exams for undergraduates or the graduate record examination (GRE) for postgraduates. It is always advisable to take these tests a year in advance in order to avoid disappointment.

For the application, students will be required to pay an application fee. Application fees for most American universities average $41. The application fee will give you access to the application form. The application form is normally attached with a personal essay, references, transcript of academic achievements, SAT results, and financial statements. Failure to submit any of the requirements will automatically disqualify you from the admission process.

Funding is a major issue to consider when applying. The university would like to know how you are going to pay for the tuition. American universities offer two types of funding, i.e. financial aid and scholarships; financial aid is needs-based while scholarships reward academic excellence. Financial aid application will require you to provide your profile form and other documents that can assess your financial need.

The final step is acquiring your student visa. There are three types of student visas available for international students, and they include F1 for academic studies, M1 for vocational studies, and J1 for practical training. Therefore, if you are applying for an undergraduate program, you will have to apply for an academic visa. Visa application is charged a slight fee, and you must have proof of admission to an American university when you make the application.

With a student visa, it is time to prepare for departure to the land of academic excellence. Judging by the number of requirements needed to qualify to study in the United States, they should never be a reason for you shy away from looking online for the perfect opportunity to change your life.