Study animal science at the Washington State University

Study animal science at the Washington State University

Agriculture has always been termed as the backbone of society. This is because people have to eat to keep on going. Perhaps this is the reason why most higher learning institutions are incorporating more agricultural studies to their curriculums. Speaking of agriculture, there is no institution that does it better than the Washington State University. Washington State University is a public research institution that was founded back in 1890 as an agricultural college. The university has maintained its initial interest in agriculture and it is transforming agricultural studies in the contemporary world.

If you have a dream of learning agriculture, especially animals, then an undergraduate degree in animal sciences from Washington State University should be your best choice. Don’t know what animal sciences deal with? Animal sciences encompass a variety of scientific disciplines that explain the functioning of biological systems related to livestock and other animal sciences.

Now that you know all about animal sciences deal with, let us talk about the benefits of taking that course in Washington State University.

First, at WSU, we offer the strongest animal sciences programs in the nation. The curriculum focuses on in-depth knowledge into the relationship between humans and animals. They make sure the students have the necessary training to make an impact in agricultural, business, or research industries.

Note: did you know that Washington State University offers the only four-year animal sciences degree in Washington?

Secondly, the multidisciplinary instructions that students get at the university provide them with an integrated knowledge of animal management, agriculture, science, and research issues. The course does not only focus on agricultural production alone as it also considers many important contributions of animals to society such as recreation and companionship.

Thirdly, the university has renowned faculty mentors who serve as academic career advisors and are dedicated to helping students reach their goals. The faculty mentors help students learn hands-on in state of the art research laboratories and livestock centers using innovative science-based methods. The school has maintained its identity, which is rooted in agriculture.

In addition, The curriculum at the university is designed to develop career and leadership skills through participation in student cooperatives, student clubs, and internship opportunities. This allows students to immediately apply what they learn in the classroom in a real-world setup. The best part is that students are given experiential learning opportunities such as student managed herds of dairy cows, student-managed beef feedlot, and many other opportunities to conduct innovative research that addresses some of the most pressing issues for animals and humans. Achieving high experience might even earn you a combines program leading to the bachelor of sciences and doctor of veterinary medicine degrees.


Finally, the department of animal sciences has made some achievements in the past in terms of research. It is important to note that the culture of Washington State University is rooted in agriculture. Therefore, most of the scholarships are concentrated in the agricultural sector. The Veterinary Medicine and Animal Health Department launched a huge project funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which is focused on global infectious disease challenges by detecting diseases within animal populations and controlling their transmission. With all these benefits, where else can you elevate you animal knowledge better than Washington State University?

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