Study Computer Science at Oregon State University

Study Computer Science at Oregon State University

Technology is changing every perspective about living in the contemporary world. Everything is done using computers from business to healthcare. With the current trend, computers will be responsible for tasks such as cooking, running errands, and even playing human friends. This automatically places computer science one of the most desirable study fields in the world. If you have ever considered taking a major in computer science, then you should consider the Oregon state university (OSU) as your place of study.

Computer science is a program that is offered in the college of engineering. The only two courses offered in the college are computer science and electrical and computer engineering. This means that students will get personalized assistance from the faculty because of the small size of classrooms in the school.

So what do you stand to gain by studying computer science at OSU? Hang on as we tell you the top reasons why a computer science degree from OSU is good for you.

1# You get to utilize TekBots

TekBots is a unique experience exclusive to Oregon state university that is aimed at taking learning beyond theory by allowing students to apply their knowledge to apply knowledge of computer science and engineering to create their own robot. How cool can that be that in your first year you will get to develop a program to run a robot. By the end of the course, you will have developed a fully functional robot that can be controlled remotely. The process of creating robots enables students to learn basic leadership skills such as team building and logical decision-making. These skills make the graduates well-rounded individuals who are ready to tackle the current challenges in society.

2# Undergraduate student groups

The College of Engineering at Oregon State University, United States offers a wide variety of clubs, societies, and organizations that offer students enriching activities beyond the classroom. The groups enable students to learn new skills, make an impact through humanitarian projects, and participate in national and international competitions. This can offer you a huge leap in professional development and will serve as a stepping-stone for a career in computer science. Some of the clubs one can join include 3D printing, app development club, information technology club, inventor’s enterprise, robotics club, and many more.

3# Capstone senior design projects

The goal of the capstone senior projects is to allow students to transition from Oregon State to the computer science profession. All undergraduates are required to complete a three quarter course sequence that exposes them to challenges of computer design and management. The students can even get sponsorship depending on their competency and this can open opportunities to take your career to the next level.

4# Undergraduate research opportunities

The college of engineering has world-class professors who are at the forefront of advances in many areas including software, faster wireless and computing technologies, and big data. This offers a great opportunity for students to work on the cutting edge of science and technology with the best faculty, graduate students, and fellow undergraduates. Students set hands-on research experiences to help them see the bigger picture and aspire for greater things.

5# Center for applied systems and software (CASS)

The last but not least important benefit of studying computer science at Oregon State University is a chance to develop your knowledge in applied systems and software development. The CASS is a non-profit organization that provides software development, testing, and hosting solutions to clients giving the students hands-on industry experience. If you are lucky, you might be hired and start earning a salary before completing your studies. Is that not awesome?

The department has several achievements in computer science. One of the biggest is software engineering and human-computer interaction. This research focuses on how to develop effective and accurate software improving the experience of human-computer interactions.

With all these benefits, why not pack your bags, come to OSU and enjoy what a degree in computer science has to offer?

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