Study engineering at the University of Cincinnati (UC)

Study engineering at the University of Cincinnati (UC)

The modern world is virtually run by technology. The world is at a transition point, which means that old industries are being traded for new ones. What this implies is that the world is in dire need of visionary and innovative electrical engineers to facilitate the transition. Engineering is society’s most powerful driver of economic growth.

If you are looking forward to taking an electrical engineering career, the best place you can get your degree is in the University of Cincinnati (UC). The University of Cincinnati College of engineering and applied sciences is an institution that has a long tradition of excellence and opportunity that continuously moves our community forward. For instance, the college of engineering and applied sciences was named the top engineering college nationwide by the U.S. News & World Report of 2018.


A degree in electrical engineering gives you the necessary knowledge to shape the design of communication systems, medical equipment, control systems, space systems, computers, and other forms technology that have a great impact on the day-to-day lives. The course will open your career path to success by giving you opportunities such as product design and development, computer and integrated circuit design, electrical power generation and distribution, electronics manufacturing. You will get a chance to work at the fastest growing industry in this economy i.e. electronic appliance manufacturing.

What does a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Cincinnati offer?

Studying electrical engineering at the university of Cincinnati gives you a chance to choose between two minors i.e. photonic communication and “very large scale integrated” (VLSI) systems engineering. These minors offer skills that are in high demand in the current job market. This gives you a competitive edge as graduates of UC have high employability as compared to most national engineering graduates. According to the U.S. news report, electrical engineering in UC ranks 89th nationally.

The university offers state of the art facilities to provide the student with an unparalleled classroom experience. Besides that, the faculty is dedicated to offering personalized attention to all students regardless of background. The student-faculty ratio at UC is 16:1 and the school has 37.1 percent of its classes with fewer than 20 students. This allows students to form actionable groups that foster efficient knowledge sharing within the learning community.

At UC, the student has a good opportunity to participate in innovative research. The university has invested more than $5 million in the last five years to upgrade the engineering teaching laboratories. These facilities are available to the students all-round the year. Students are engaged in experiential learning whereby they are allowed to create their own projects to familiarize themselves with real-world experiences. The university has made some achievements in the field of research. for instance, the chronicle of higher education named it a research heavyweight for its contribution in VLSI system development. In addition, the college was named among America’s top 25 public research universities by the national science foundation.

Finally, employers across the country eagerly seek electrical engineering graduates from the University of Cincinnati. The starting salary is also quite higher relative to other engineering schools in the nation. The leadership skills that students get helps some to become successful tech entrepreneurs.

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