Study law at George Mason University

Study law at George Mason University

Thomas Hobbes once said, “It is not wisdom but authority that makes law.” What he was trying to say is that law knowledge has to be offered to make sure that it carries on to the next generations. Perhaps that is why the George Mason university was given authority to offer law education in the state of Virginia.

George Mason University is among the top public research universities in Fairfax County, Virginia. The institution was initially under the University of Virginia but it was granted full independence3 in 1972. George Mason University is accredited by the commission on colleges of the southern association of colleges and schools. The university has been ranked 257th nationally by the Forbes magazine.

If you have ever desired to study at George Mason University, the big question that might have popped in your mind is “which course should I take?” well, when it comes to George Mason University, the best course to enroll in is Bachelor of Arts Law. The degree is offered in Antonia Scalia Law School. The Antonia Scalia Law School uses a multidisciplinary approach to teaching law that is in accord with the way law is practiced today. The school has been recognized by the U.S. News & World Report to be among the top 50 best law schools in the nation.

What exactly does a law degree at the Antonia Scalia law school offer you?

1# Exceptional location

The Antonia Scalia School of Law is strategically located in Arlington, Virginia, just two miles from Washington D.C. this means that our students have easy access to hundreds of opportunities and legal resources in the capital. In fact, the proximity to the White House, Capitol Hill, and the United States Supreme Court as well as countless government and nonprofit law firms gives students unparalleled access to top legal minds and job opportunities that the nation has to offer. Besides that, the city is a cultural hub with many museums and restaurants that will engage you when out of the classroom.

2# Exceptional careers

Another advantage of studying law with us is that you will have a chance to develop an exceptional career. Students can apply for internships in senior government law firms or even the Senate Committee. For 15 years, Scalia law’s employment rate has outpaced the national law graduate employment rate. The abundance of opportunities stems not only from our strategic location but also from our exceptional academic and career programming. Scalia is the only law school with a focus on the intersection of law and economics. Finally, Scalia law offers extraordinarily rich research, writing, and professional development programming to produce well-rounded leaders.

3# Exceptional community

The school is a close-knit community that offers hands-on instruction from a world-class faculty. The school has a faculty-student ratio of 1:11.8; small class sizes that allow for direct interaction, which is an invaluable advantage when learning complex legal doctrines. The school has 30 student organizations, five student-edited journals, and five legal clinics that provide students with real-world experience t better prepare them for the practice of law.

4# Exceptional faculty

The school has 120 full time and adjunct faculty members drawn from some of the top law firms and legal institutions in the country. in 2018, the Antonia Scalia faculty was ranked 19th in the nation for scholarly impact. Some of the most notable faculty includes professor Ross Davies, professor Adam Mossof, professor Helen Alvare, and professor Todd Zywicki.

The Antonia Scalia Law School has made some achievements in the last few decades. For instance, law graduates from the school have higher employability rates than the national law rates. It is among the top 50 law schools on the . In addition, Scalia law graduates work in some of the top law firms located in the Washington D.C.

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