Anyone who has ever visited Canada, specifically the province of British Columbia knows there is only one university to join – The University of British Columbia!

Walter C. Koerner Library, one of the libraries of the University of British Columbia. Finished in 1996. Address: 1958 Main Mall, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Structured into 2 core campuses, Vancouver campus is located at the Western tip of the Point Grey Peninsula in the city of Vancouver and is a 30 minute bus ride to Vancouver’s downtown. The purpose-built Okanagan campus was specifically designed to create an intimate learning environment for its more than 8,300 students who hail from more than 80 countries.


So the question you’re probably asking is “why should I enroll at the University of British Columbia”?

According to the QS World University Rankings® 2018, the University of British Columbia currently ranks in the top 50 universities in the world. Specifically for their excellent reputation with academics, employers and a particularly international faculty.

More importantly the university currently stands in the top 40 universities for graduate employability. Over the last decade, UBC has forged strong long term recruitment relationships with some of the largest employers in Canada.

The University has consistently secured more than $600 million in research funding each year. UBC researchers continually work with industry, university and government partners to advance knowledge and create countless new products, treatments and services.

Additionally, UBC’s Asia Pacific Regional Office in Hong Kong and Liaison Office in New Delhi, India facilitate teaching and research partnerships and support international alumni engagement.

The success of UBC is linked to being a diverse and inclusive university for students of difference races and cultures. Out of the 51,889 students currently enrolled, 36% are international students. The university runs a “Colour Connected Against Racism” group whose aim is to provide support to students who feel alienated and disempowered due to discrimination. The outreach group organizes events on various issues pertaining to People of Colour and lobby institutions to implement necessary changes.

The university is widely recognized for its concentration on STEM subjects. It is currently ranked 10th in computer science, 25th in medicine, 22nd in literature, 28th in law, 5th in ecology, and 23rd in economics worldwide.

Enrolling at the University of British Columbia will provide you with a truly international inter-cultural experience that will sufficiently prepare you for the world ahead.