It is a confirmed fact that as technology keeps growing, the society keeps on drifting further from farming towards industrialization. Perhaps this was the main motivation behind the establishment of the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

So what do you stand to benefit from studying in UNSW?

The Sydney based university has the potential to turn you into a tech titan. The university is a renowned technology hub in Australia and is currently ranked second locally and 45th worldwide according to the QS world university rankings of 2018-19.

At UNSW, one gets a world-class education that offers everything needed to catapult a career forward.  The University of New South Wales, which was established in 1949, was created to meet the growing demand for capabilities in new technologies that played an important role in transforming an agricultural society into a modern industrial one. The institution’s motto is “knowledge by hand and mind.” This means that getting a degree at UNSW Australia is your opportunity to tackle the world’s problems alongside the brightest minds in the country.


Law faculty at the UNSW

The UNSW is a beacon of academic excellence with the most diverse faculty in Australia. The faculties in the university include:

Students thus have the option to choose from a plethora of various academic disciplines.

UNSW graduates are the number one choice for in-demand employers as per a recent LinkedIn study. The university has state of the art facilities that comprise of great cafes, libraries, social clubs, and support services. In short, you get to learn from the award-winning lecturers and leaders in various fields. In addition, the university is recognized as the Australian university with the strongest links to the job market.

When it comes to scientific research, look no further than the UNSW. The campus has a number of purpose build research facilities including:

  • The Mark Wainwright Analytical Center which specializes in science, medicine, and engineering.
  • UNSW Lowy Cancer Research Center which specializes in childhood and adult cancer research and is the largest cancer research facility housing up to 400 researchers.

In fact, the UNSW is ranked the number 1 research university in New South Wales and fourth nationally according to the excellence I research Australia report. This means that getting the golden opportunity to develop your skills in the university sets you apart from the rest. For instance, students are involved in a number of projects such as the sunswift solar racing team and the BLUEsat satellite whose development is currently in progress.

Student welfare is at the heart of the university’s core values. The university has on-campus accommodation for more than 5,000 students. The ultra-modern halls of residence are designed to create a positive learning environment. The university has three student organizations i.e. the UNSW student guild, UNSW union, and COFA students’ association. The unions run a number of retail outlets, student media, and an entertainment venue called the “Roundhouse”.

The culture at the University of New South Wales opens you up to a global society through international exchange programs and research partnerships with over 250 universities in 31 countries.