Why you should study at the University of Sydney

Why you should study at the University of Sydney

We all know that education is the key driver towards economic growth. That is why in the heart of Sydney exists the oldest university in Australia- The University of Sydney. Established in 1850, The University of Sydney is often known as the father of higher learning in Australia. In fact, the university is colloquially known as one of Australia’s sandstone universities because of its ancient architectural designs.

The university was named after the first Aboriginal man to graduate from an Australian university. Australia is one of the best countries to live, study, and work. The city of Sydney, which is the most populous in Australia is ranked 13th in the top 100 best student cities in the world.

So why should you choose the university of Sydney?

    1. Since inception, the university has always maintained a high standard education wise. According to the QS world university rankings of 2018-19, the university is ranked 25th most reputable university in the world. Furthermore, the university graduates are the 4th most employable globally and 1st in Australia.
    2. The university values have been geared towards shaping change and improving lives from the start. The founding principle was that the university would be a modern and progressive institution, an ideal held today.
    3. Equality is an important virtue held by the university. The founder of the university had one dream – to provide education to all classes in order to foster impartial development.
    4. The university offers a variety of courses ranging from arts, business, engineering, information technology, medicine, science, and law. The school is a certified public research university dedicated to solving complex global issues in health, environment, technology, and culture. The faculties have research teams working on creating cleaner fuels, faster internet, treatment for chronic illnesses, and more sustainable ways of living. With over 400 different fields to choose from, the University of Sydney is the ideal university to build a long term career.
    5. Main Quadrangle of the University of Sydney

      In terms of academics, the university’s library is ranked the largest in the southern hemisphere. The library consists of 11 individual libraries located across the various campuses with a collection of more than 10 million physical volumes and a further 500,000 e-books.

    6. The student welfare is governed by a student union headed by elected student representatives. The University of Sydney Student Union is the oldest in Australia and its primary goal is to give campus students an unforgettable university experience.
    7. Finally, the city of Sydney is considered one of the most multicultural cities in the world. As estimated in 2017, 44.1 percent of the city’s population was born overseas. The top five countries for residents born overseas include China, India, New Zealand, England, and Vietnam. Clearly, the University of Sydney is an amazing place to further your studies.