Why you should study medicine at Kansas University(KU)

Why you should study medicine at Kansas University(KU)

The university of Kansas, or Kansas University as it is commonly referred due to its nickname KU, is one of the higher learning institutions with the riches history in the United States. The school went through the challenges of the internal civil during the 1850s but it managed to make its first enrollment in the KU medical center. Since then, the university has maintained the standard of medical training and it is among the top in Kansas State. According to the U.S. News & World Report, medicine has remained a significant part of Kansas University’s identity.

What benefits does studying medicine at Kansas University bring forth?

The University of Kansas School of medicine has been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of knowledge, transform the academic experience, and create solutions through innovative research in clinical medicine. The school integrates excellent education, scientific discovery, outstanding clinical programs, and dedication to community service to bring the best out of the student. Considering it is the only medical school in Kansas, the university is acknowledged as the leader in training primary care and rural physicians.

It is at Kansas medical school that you can study the ACE curriculum. The ACE curriculum was established after a thorough review of the previous curriculum. The new curriculum has been transformed into a path to clinical and academic excellence. The focus is on active, competency-based, and excellence driven educational programs that provide a solid foundation for training the next generation physicians.

The university has offered state of the art facilities to make provide an unmatched classroom experience for the learning of medical sciences. The school has two learning locations for medical students located at Wichita campus, Salinas campus. The current enrollment for the medical school stands at 4,239. This means that the classroom size is small making it easier for the students to get personalized attention from the faculty mentors. The school has a faculty ratio of 17: 1, which is very crucial for learning the hard medical terms. The school also has 47.3 percent of its classes with fewer than 20 students, which encourages them to form tight study groups. The school also has the facilities to let students participate in experiential learning. For instance, the university of Kansas hospital is collocated at the university of Kansas medical center. This is where students find the opportunity to apply their knowledge in real-world experiences.

Studying medicine at Kansas University gives you a chance to acquire hands-on skills in research. In addition to its commitment to educating the physician workforce of tomorrow, the school has also managed to emerge as a leader in biomedical research and the health of the public. Some of the major research accomplishments the school has had include:

  • The university of Kansas center cancer center became a national center institute designated cancer center in 2012
  • Eight departments of the school are ranked among the top 25 public universities for national institutes of health research funding.
  • The Kansas university Alzheimer’s disease center is the one and only 29 national institute of health designated centers
  • Frontiers is a member of the national clinical and transnational award consortium.


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  • Thanks for the post! KU is a well-known institution in the USA. Even I feel Kansas is a great place to study medicine as it has a widespread campus with all mandatory facilities.


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