Cologne Business School

Cologne Business School

University ProfileCologneBusinessSchool its an international oriented state recognised university of applied science and counts ass one of germany’s top business school.Cologne Business School provides the best quality available in addition to being officially recognised by the responsible state ministry ass well as being accreddited instituition.



Bachelor Programme
International Manager
Intercultural  manager
Digital  and management
Business Physiocholis
General Management
Master programmes

I.BInternational Business
I.BFinancial Management
Strategic Mgmt&Consultancy
Marketing Management
Intercultural Management
International Tourism Mgmt
Digital Management
Business phychology
General Management.
International Management
Executive MBA

MBA entry Requirements

High school CV

Copies of latest school reports Digital Passport JPEG

Evidence of 6 months abroad, Proof/proof of English test 6.5 not older than 2 years

Online application or send documents to Cologne Business School

Assessment held several times a month