International Business school

I.B.S was founded in 1991 as the first business school in central Europe.Internaonal College has grown into a truly modern and dynamic Business school.IBS offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and English programmes in cooperation with the University of Buckingham all leading to prestigious British degrees.

Following a successful institution accreditation in 1997 IBS became a recognized private college in Hungary with the right to issue Hungarian college degrees called (bachelor’s degree today) besides English programmes .IBS offers the Erasmus programme and scholarship for students.

Programme Degree
Management Bachelor’s BSc
Business and Diplomacy Bachelor BSc
Business and tourism Bachelor BSc
Financial Management Bachelor BSc
Management t with Marketing Bachelor BSc
Arts Management Bachelor BSc
Management with psychology Bachelor BSc
Human Resource Management Masters MSc
Marketing Management Masters MSc
Financial Management Masters MSc
International Management Masters MSc
Preparation for Medical studies Foundation
Intensive English Language Foundation
Summer School Lang. course

Entry requirements

High school Diploma and certified English.

English skills ielts 6.0 Toefl 550

Written test only the oral part


  • 1st or 2nd class Honors degree from arecognised university or a recognised proffessional qualification.
  • Applicants to submit proposal by email.
  • Ielts 6.5
  • Applicants not required to take the written test only English.