Murdoch Institute of Technology at Murdoch University

Murdoch Institute of Technology at Murdoch University


If you have almost or just finished Year 11, or finished Year 12 with an ATAR lower than you expected or have a post high school qualification but unfortunately still don’t meet University entry requirements then we can help you.

Murdoch Institute of Technology helps bridge the gap from school to university and has a variety of programs and pathways to suit your individual academic needs and career goals. We have pathways suitable for both Australian and International students.

Pathways to Murdoch University undergraduate degrees exist from our Murdoch University Preparation Course (MUPC) into the first year of most degrees at the University, and from our Diploma programs into the second year of a related Bachelors degree.

The Murdoch University Preparation Course (MUPC) is also designed to articulate with a Diploma course to provide students with a rapid-progress route to a degree, without the burden of an excessive study load. Students, who have completed Year 12 at school, can complete a Bachelor degree (in selected streams) more than six months sooner than it would have taken in the traditional timeline. Year 11 students with can save themselves up to a year of study time.

  Why Murdoch Institute of Technology

  • An accelerated pathway means you graduate earlier – start earning sooner and accumulate less student loan debt
  • Students with a low or no ATAR – you do not have to repeat Year 12! The MUPC can help you meet university entry requirements.
  • We provide the academic support you need while providing you with the foundations for success.

For a more comprehensive up-to date list of courses and information, please feel free to contact us

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