OMNI College

OMNI College

The College was founded in 1999 by Mr. Ron Burke, who himself is a Canadian Registered Nurse and entrepreneur.  He ran several successful health care related businesses before starting the College, and continues to share his passion for nursing and education with others. OMNI College is an accredited, private post-secondary education institution specialized in training internationally-educated health care professionals for work in Canada.


Located in a bustling suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia, OMNI College has been successfully training internationally-educated nurses since 1999.


Its location has been named one of the best places to live in.

Why Omni College

  • Specialized in health care:OMNI is specialized in training cheap clomid health care professionals, both Canadian and International.  We offer only health care related programs and courses so that we may remain focused in this area of expertise
  • Connections with employers: OMNI College maintains solid relationships with various employers across Canada’s health care industry. Your chances of securing a job following graduation from OMNI College are very high

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