Top 5 universities to study Engineering in the UK

Top 5 universities to study Engineering in the UK


Globally, the United Kingdom is known to be an academic powerhouse. It boasts of some the top performing schools and research institutes in Europe. Notably, its schools are known for performance in specified domains such as engineering among others. If you are looking to pursue a degree in any field in engineering, look no further than the U.K. Not only will you get the proper jumpstart to your career, you will also have a great time interacting with the best minds on the planet as well as experience the English culture if you are looking to study abroad. Some of the best engineering schools in the U.K. include Kingston University, University of West London, University of Bath, Warwick University, and the University of Portsmouth.

Kingston University

Kingston University is a public research university situated within Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames in South West London. The institution is well-known specialty in engineering. Its main campus, Penrhyn Road is one of the notable engineering hubs and offers Civil Engineering. However, all the fun is at the Roehampton Vale Campus. The school was opened by the President of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Sir William Barlow, in 1993 and features several engineering workshops, a wind tunnel, automotive and aeronautical learning resources, a flight simulator, and a running Learjet 25. If aeronautical and automotive engineering are your interests, look no further than Kingston University. It is also important to note that the school is a public research university. On the engineering front, it features the fire, explosion, and fluid dynamics research center where you can explore nature in its true form. Despite its status on academic performance, Kingston University does not have strict requirements. It specifies that its students have at least a 3.0 GPA, ACT scores of 23-25, and pass the English requirements. If you meet or surpass the mentioned criterion, you have the chance to realize your dreams at the University of Kingston.

University of Bath

The university of Bath is a public university located at Bath, Somerset, U.K. The school began as a technical college and now sits among the top engineering schools in the United Kingdom. The school has a defined Faculty of Engineering and Design that offers the following courses: Architecture and Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electric and Electronic Engineering. If you are interested in the above programs, the University of Bath is one of the best places to realize your dreams. Another factor that makes the University of Bath stand out is its research program. The institution has been ranked 12th in the U.K. among other multi-faculty institutions for the quality of research. Furthermore, it has more enough funding for its research, and you can be well-assured that your innovations will have the required resources as well as support from the best brains in the domain. Joining the University of Bath is an easy task given its friendly requirements. All applicants are expected to have passed their high school diploma, achieve ACT scores of 30, and SAT scores of 740 in mathematics and evidence-based reading and writing.

University of Portsmouth

The University of Portsmouth is a public university in the city of Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. It is one of the top performers in engineering, particularly mechanical engineering and civil engineering. If you wish to pursue this field, the institution is worth taking a look. One of the most notable things about Portsmouth is its relatively low tuition fees. For a small price, you can change your life in a huge way. The University is also a leading research institution. Over 60% of research submitted by the University meets international standards. Here you can participate in brainstorming sessions with other brilliant minds to come up with something phenomenal. Studying at this institution requires 104-120 points with a minimum of 2 A levels and 32 points in Mathematics or any other relevant subject. The school also requires a minimum of IELTS band 6.0 in English proficiency.

University of Warwick

The University of Warwick is a public research institute located on the outskirts of Coventry, England. The school was founded in 1965 as part of the government’s plan to expand higher education. The University of Warwick is a performer in the engineering sector and offers numerous courses in its faculty of science, engineering, and Medicine. Given the importance of research in the branch of engineering, the University of Warwick features a robust research center, which was ranked among the best in the Midlands. Furthermore, 87% of the staff has been ranked as internationally qualified and leading in the field. If you wish to pursue engineering and have a taste for exploration and innovation, you will love the University of Warwick. Moreover, its entry requirements are average. The institution requires a minimum of 3 A levels in the A and AS levels. For international students, a minimum GPA of 3.3 is required.

The University of West London

The University of West London is a public university in the United Kingdom with campuses in Reading, Berkshire; and Brentford, Greater London. The school dates back to 1860 and is currently one of the top performers in region. According to rankings, the school sits among the top 70 excelling institutions nationwide. The school offers various courses on engineering in its school of computing and engineering. The University of West London is one of the best schools to pursue engineering given its reputation. The school also boasts of high employment rates for its graduates given that close to 98% secure a job or further their studies within six months.  Moreover, its entry requirements are average making it easy for you to join. The University of West London requires a minimum GPA of 2.8/4, and ACT score of 23, and minimum SAT scores of 550 in all tests. Meeting the above criterion will ensure that you secure a place at this great institution.