University of Newcastle

University of Newcastle

Newcastle International College (Navitas)

NIC offers pathway programs to degrees at the University of Newcastle, which is a world class institution with a strong commitment to delivering first rate education, research and innovation.

Internationally, it is ranked among the top 250 universities in the world*, and in 2015 it was number 1 in Australia and 19 in the world for best universities under the age of 50. Newcastle has over 37,000 students including about 7,000 international students.

Students may be considered for direct entry to the 1st year of the Bachelor of Medical Science/Doctor of Medicine degree on successfully completing the Foundation Program to Medicine pathway which commences in February.


NIC is in Newcastle, a friendly and vibrant  coastal city 160 km north of Sydney, and it is located at the university’s  main Callaghan campus. Students can enjoy a relaxed life-style and lower costs of living.


February, June and October.


  • Foundation Program
  • Diploma of business and commerce
  • Diploma of engineering
  • Diploma of information technology
  • Diploma of media and communications

The 2- semester  Foundation Program to Medicine is taught in a separate class with up to 30 students. On successful completion with an average mark of 90%, as well as other assessments and PQA tests, a minimum of four students will gain access to the 1st year of the 5 year  program.