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What is the IELTS Exam?

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a test that is tailored to evaluate people’s eloquence in English language. This test is mainly used to assess individuals’ ability to communicate in English especially when individuals need to work or study where English is the official language of communication. For instance, this test is required for immigrant students to qualify for entry to a university in some countries such as the UK, Australia, and the USA. This test is popular because it is recognized by professional organizations and immigration authorities among other government institutions. Therefore, it is highly valuable for immigrant students or workers who seek to move to a foreign country that uses English as its official language.

Candidates for an IELTS test can choose between the general training and academic tests. However, all individuals taking this test are required to do similar speaking and listening sections. Fundamentally, this test has four major sections, which are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In the evaluation, candidates get a score that is between 1 and 9. Most universities demand a higher than 6 in this test, therefore, students should ensure that they are adequately prepared for this test to enable them study abroad.

Individuals undertaking this test should ensure that they understand the test format because this will help them understand what they should expect. It is also important for candidates to use preparation tests and quizzes as practice materials for the test. Candidates should also ensure that they carefully assess the content of each element of the IELTS test such as speaking, writing, listening, and reading. The scores for this test are between 0-9 and a score of 6 and above is recommended in most cases.