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Looking for an opportunity to study elsewhere in the world? Look no further, Uniserv is here for you.You can apply for university in the USA, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Switzerland, Dubai, India, Cyprus or amongst the various others options available.

Our dedicated staff are here to assist you in planning and preparing for your university admission in a very organized and efficient manner, so that nothing is left to chance and no deadlines are missed.

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Career Counselling

Our team ensures that you choose a program or univesity based on:

  • Long term career prospects
  • Ranking
  • Cost factor
  • Part time and post study work regulations
  • Legal work permit and migration opportunities

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Visa Guidance

Our expert team guides the students on essential prerequisites for the procedure increasing the chances of success. All this is offered at no extra cost to the student.UNISERV boasts of having close to 100% visa success ratio. This success is attributed to the fact that we advice our students with honesty and integrity. We also understand that a visa refusal from one country can have an adverse effect on subsequent applications to other countries.

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Entry Exams

Uniserv helps students with various international exams important to students aiming to join international universities at no extra cost to the student. We offer guidance on personal statements, online application, and exam preparation.

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Pre Depature Orientation

Most people have never travelled abroad and starting in a new environment to study for years can be daunting even for the experienced. Our team prepares students for success by offering the following:

  • Do’s and dont’s of studying abroad
  • Resume preparation and interview skills for taking part time and full time jobs
  • Predepature orientation

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Application assistance and Guidance

Our team assists students in making accurate applications to the universities of their choice and we ensure that you get the offer letter from the universities of your choice. We help students draft their personal letters which is your opportunity to convince the admissions team why you are the most eligible candidate for the course and the University you have selected. Apart from your results, personal statement is the only criterion upon which an admission decision can be based.

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Post landing services

We ensure that our students don’t face any issues post arrival in the country of their choice and we help them adjust to the new environment as soon as possible by offering:

  • Airport pick up
  • Accommodation assistance
  • Resume writing assistance
  • Guidance on work permit and other regulations
  • Immigration and post study work permits

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All our services are free of charge

We have experts in Academic department who would assist you with the following: workshops on Personal Statement, Study Skills, specialized Personal Statement Training for Medicine/Dentistry, Mock Medical Interviews, Written Examination Practice and tips, LNAT/UKCAT Training and Practice, Engineering Courses, Accounting and Finance Courses, Business Courses among other services.

All our services are free of charge to our students, so do not hesitate to apply today.



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We represent universities and colleges located across the USA, Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, the UAE, Turkey, Cyprus, among many others. We can give unbiased and comprehensive advise on studying abroad as compared to agents prompting a specific destination.