ICL Business School

ICL Business School

ICL Education Group consists of ICL Business School, Auckland English Academy, Bridge International College and New Horizon College, Napier. ICL was incorporated in 2002 and offers a range of tertiary Business, Computing, TESOL, ESOL and Early Childhood Education programs. The Schools has mostly international students, from around 20 different countries. ICL graduates have guaranteed pathways to University with credit transfer, or have sufficient points for a study-to-work visa and eventual migration.


Diploma in Management (level 5) IELTS 6.0-5.5 9 Months (1 academic year) $14,500
NZ Diploma in Business (level 6) IELTS 6.0-5.5, International Students – High School Graduation 16 months(2 academic years) $24,000
Diploma in Business Computing (level 7) IELTS 6.0-5.5, International Students – High School Graduation 18 months (2 academic years) $28,000
ICL Diploma in Business (level 6) IELTS 6.0-5.5, High School Graduation 20 months (2.5 academic years) $33,920
Diploma in Information Systems (level 5) IELTS 5.5-5.0, NZ – 42 credits at Level 3, 14 credits in Level 1, I.B 24 9 months (1 academic year) $15,950
Diploma in Business Administration (level 5) International students must have graduated from high school, IELTS 5.5-5.O 9 months (1 academic year) $15,950
Diploma in Computing (level 7) IELTS 6.0-5.5, at least 1of post-secondary study incorporating computing basics 11 months (1 academic year) $15,950
Graduate Diploma In International Business Innovation (level7) IELTS 6.0-5.5, Original transcripts showing a degree from a recognized institution, including full transcripts and grade point average details. 12 months(1.5 academic years) $16,500
Early Child Hood Education
National Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care NCEA Level 2 or high school graduation, IELTS 5.5-5.0, Minimum age 17 years 9 months (1 academic year) $16,000


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