Istanbul Kultur University

Istanbul Kultur University

Istanbul Kültür University was established in accordance with the Law no. 4281 as a foundation university having the title of “Public Entity” on 15 July 1997. IKU provides college education pursuant to the Law on Higher Education 2547 and is entitled to all the rights and benefits of a state university.

Republic of Turkey and Turkish Nation’s attaining the constant aim of “reaching the level of contemporary civilizations” can only be ensured by providing the youth with a quality education regardless of their age. In this regard, the main goal of Istanbul Kültür University is to offer a quality higher education.

Problems of receiving a quality education and solution methods of these problems are not new to people who work for IKU, because IKU was established by a foundation in which educators successfully working in the academic field since 1930s are influential.

IKU is administered by the Board of Trustees composed of people having the qualifications of educators as well as experience.

Offices, classrooms and laboratories in IKU buildings in Şirinevler Campus, designed as a City University, have been carefully constructed and equipped. In addition to Şirinevler Campus, Ataköy Campus, with an indoor space of 40,000 mand an outdoor space of 65,000 m2, was opened in the 2004-2005 academic year.

In this campus, besides halls in which various scientific, social and cultural activities can be conducted, a sports complex was also constructed.

IKU Academic Staff

IKU academic staff is distinguished, efficient and creative. With this academic staff, the aim of IKU, ranking 4th among private universities and 6th among public universities, is to rank among the top three.

IKU offers programs which develop students’ general abilities, help them become skillful at researching and abstracting, and become habitually sceptical, critical and inquisitive.

IKU guides its students to become professionals or researchers who can produce information with the motivation to learn, and who have the ability to compete at international level. Besides, no matter what department or program a student graduates from, it is compulsory for an IKU graduate to have knowledge of English and to be computer literate.

Faculties of IKU

Istanbul Kültür University which started its education life with 3 faculties in the academic year of 1997-1998, now accepts students to 19 higher education programmes in 5 faculties.

  • Faculty of Science and Letters
  • Faculty of Art and Design
  • Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Law*

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