Istanbul Technical University

Istanbul Technical University

Istanbul Technical University is one of the world’s oldest technical universities with a long history of 250 years.

ITU is a reputable institution known for its history, science, technology, art and sport achievements over the period of 242 years. It is a research centre connecting the past to the present and designing projects for the future. ITU, that has presented numerous scientific and technological developments, was the first to introduce novelties and unique achievements, provides academic learning being one of the oldest and most prominent technical universities in the world.

ITU is the cradle of science, industry and technology conducting over 200 R&D projects in the scope of ARI Teknokent. In cooperation with the entrepreneurship ecosystem ITU Seed, the university provides support to students-entrepreneurs.

Turkey’s fırst communication satellite, first electric mini bus, first hydrogen-powered boat, first driverless car, first national computer were launched by ITU. The first television broadcast in Turkey was made from ITU, the first university radio station was opened in ITU.

Long history, intelligent minds and outstanding academic environment of ITU form a strong bridge connecting the past to the future. With the priority for continuous development, innovative perspective and strong international contacts ITU proves to be the University of the past, present and future.

ITU offers three Marine related undergraduate programmes; all these courses are accredited and internationally recognized. The programmes are; Marine Engineering, Marine Transportation Management Engineering and Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.

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