Izmir University

Izmir University

Izmir University was founded in 2007 as the sixth university of Izmir, with the support of Doğanata Group of Companies as a result of the efforts carried out by Doğanata Education and Culture Foundation established by Necdet Doğanata in 1995.

Welcoming its first students in the academic year 2008-2009, Izmir University is the third foundation university in the city.

In the blocks named A, B and C, there are 66 classrooms, 4 laboratories, 5 lecture halls that can accommodate 516 people, a 500 m2 exhibition area-foyer on the ground floor in Block A, and there is a multipurpose Hall in the terrace.

The Multipurpose Hall has the most beautiful bay view from Urla to Sasalı and it hosts panels, conferences and seminars, the Academic Year Opening Ceremony, club cocktails and art performances.

Around the campus, there is 3M Migros, Özdilek, Kipa hypermarkets, and Agora, Palmiye shopping and cinema centers. For sports, there are fitness centers, basketball fields, tennis courts and a soccer field near the campus also there is a swimming pool in the campus.

IZU continues to grow in the numbers of academic programs offered, number of students, academic and administrative staff.
While the medium of instruction is English, all degrees offered by Izmir University are recognized globally.

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