McQueens Culinary Institute

McQueens Culinary Institute

McQueen’s, Dubai is honored to be a part of the initiative of this unprecedented challenge by a well known university in the UAE to train 22 of the country’s female citizens to become professional chefs for the first time in the UAE. McQueen’s Culinary and Hospitality Training Institute has teamed up with this university to provide the first-ever professional culinary course in Arabic. The five month long course started on 2nd of September 2014. McQueen’s cannot mention the names of the university at this moment until the course is finished.

Chef Amro Alyassin, Culinary Director at McQueen’s, said, “This was an amazing and difficult challenge to create an entire culinary course in Arabic, as most culinary education is English based. We have done it and we have a fantastic course. ” Summera Hafeez, General Manager of McQueen’s, added, “It is an honour and privilege for us to be the first in the space and is something very new. I hope this opportunity will become available in other emirates too.”

The young women will undergo intensive training in working kitchens of a five star hotel under the supervision of McQueen’s and its professional chefs.

McQueen’s is honoured to partner with Rational to train its chefs on Rational 5 senses technology ovens, the only intelligent cooking system that senses, organises, thinks ahead and communicates with you. This technology is used by most 5 star hotels in the world.

For a more comprehensive up-to date list of courses and information, please feel free to contact us.

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