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We represent over 300 universities from all over the world

Uniserv has partnered with over 300 universities from all over the world including the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Turkey among others

Visa application guidance

Enjoy our long experience and relationship we have build with various embassies over years of helping students get into their countries of choice.

Entry exam preparation

We will help you with the various preparation exams required to successfully get admitted into your university of choice including SAT, GMAT, TOEFL, among others.

Application guidance

Uniserv will help you choose the right program and the right university. We will help you from the application process, preparing for departure and settling in your country.

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Uniserv is the best study abroad agent

Uniserv has partnered with over 300 universities from all over the world in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia among many others. Our trained counselors will help you identify the right country and university and help you apply to your dream university at no cost to you.

Uniserv will guide you through all stages of the process including:

  1. Identifying and applying to a university
  2. Entry exams preparation
  3. Visa application
  4. Pre departure preparation
  5. Settling in your new country

Visa Guidance

Our expert team guides the students on essential prerequisites for the procedure increasing the chances of success.UNISERV boasts of having close to 100% visa success ratio and students can enjoy our long experience and relationship with many embassies.

Choose from over 300 universities

We represent some of the best universities from all over the world. Meet with us and we will match you with the most suitable university.

Application process

Our team assists students in making accurate applications to the universities of their choice augmenting the approval possibilities. we provide efficient editing services to the students to help them put their best foot forward in their applications. In other words, we ensure that you get the offer letter from the universities of your choice.

Entry exams preparation

Uniserv is a registered Pearson Exam center among many others. We will help you prepare for any and all entry exams required to enter your dream institution.