Cyprus boasts of some of the most amazing beaches along the magical Mediterranean waters. Ocean swimming, jet-skiing, banana boating and cliff diving are some of the ways to play in the sea. Better still, Cyprus has great weather enabling you to enjoy outdoor life almost all year round with no extreme summer or winter seasons like other countries.

Universities in our portfolio have incredibly low tuition fees and living expenses allowing students to access quality education and study the courses of their choice. Up to 100% scholarships are available to international students.

At Uniserv we pride ourselves in providing students with current information and a variety of world class study destinations. Cyprus provides an ideal structure and environment for higher learning and in recent years has become a major international education Centre, attracting students from all over the world. The tuition fee and living expenses are quite affordable in most universities and the wide variety of degrees offered is well recognized globally.

Through Uniserv’s professional services, we will help you access the great study opportunities available in Cyprus universities. We will guide you on the best degree choices available, university admission and immigration requirements. We will also guide you on the various scholarships offered to international students by the universities in Cyprus.