Malaysia is home to an array of cultures bringing diversity of practices and architecture feel from the mosques, Buddhist temples, Hindu shrines and Christian churches. Its central location in South-East Asia ensures a year-round tropical climate.

Malaysia consists of two areas of mainland, separated by the South China Sea, namely West Malaysia (known as Peninsular Malaysia) and East Malaysia. There are two parts to the country, 11 states in the peninsula of Malaysia and two states on the northern part of Borneo.

Its geography is diverse ranging from the rain forests, glorious beaches and natural parks. This contributes to its economy due to tourists visiting the scenery Malaysia. It is one of the most politically stable countries with friendly and sociable citizens.

Going to university is not only about getting a qualification alone but also meeting new people and hence making new friends thus creating a great network across the world. Malaysia offers all this being a multi-ethnic country and also having over 130,000 international students from over 145 countries currently studying in Malaysia.

With low tuition fee and cost of living Malaysia offer a cheaper option for international students looking for internationally recognized qualifications.  Malaysia being a gateway to Asia therefore is an ideal place to develop a network of friends and contacts in Asia and build relationships in a rapidly developing continent.

Another good reason for choosing Malaysia is the bonus of getting foreign degrees from UK, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA and SWITZERLAND. Malaysia also offers relatively simple immigration procedures for those who qualify for a student pass.

Indeed Malaysia is a thriving study destination for international students with international universities from UK and Australia opening branch campuses in various cities providing quality education at an affordable cost.